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Zeiss K bino TTL

Zeiss K bino TTL
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  • SW10141
  • Zeiss
K bino TTL are head-mounted binocular teleloupe spectacles used in medical and technical... more
Product information "Zeiss K bino TTL"

K bino TTL are head-mounted binocular teleloupe spectacles used in medical and technical applications requiring binocular,
stereoscopic near vision. The Kepler design teleloupe systems are available in different sizes. The optical systems are mounted on the carrier lenses (TTL = through
the lens). If required, the eyepieces of the optical systems can be equipped with prescription lenses. Either the proven titanium spectacles or a
stylish Adidas sports frame is used as system carrier. We recommend using them with the Zeiss LED or BaLEDO LED. The systems are incorporated individually, taking various parameters
into account for the individual wearer.


Carrier system: titanium frame or Adidas sports frames

  • lens protection
  • Can be combined with LED illumination
  • With the STMS, the eyepieces and carrier lens can be equipped with prescription lenses
  • The sports frame comes with a clip-on for prescription lenses


These small teleloupe spectacles from Zeiss are the ideal entry solution for ensuring safe work at all times, even on the smallest objects requiring precise hand movements. For 30 years, our classic has been tested thousands of times at universities. The lightweight Zeiss lenses with 2.0x or 2.5x magnification guarantee outstanding image quality. The mounting rings to hold the loupe systems are firmly bonded to the glasses. The lenses with the loupe systems can be fitted in any robust eyeglass frame. The adjustment requires a lot of experience and ophthalmic knowledge. As a longstanding specialist in Zeiss glasses, we guarantee top-quality manufacturing and optimum compatibility.


Product description


  • Magnification 2.0x or 2.5x
  • Working distances: 300, 350, 400, 450 mm
  • Loupe systems bonded to the glasses using mounting rings.
  • Small and lightweight, unobstructed view over the systems
  • Carl Zeiss lenses
  • Suitable for eyeglass wearers
  • You can select the carrier

    Precise, individual adjustment. Can be combined with BaLEDO LED or Zeiss LED illumination

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