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System Beam KF titan System Beam KF
system beam KF titan with eqiupment in 3 different sizes
€445.00 *
System Beam S Loupe System Beam S
System Beam S (Support) with equipment: 3 textile pads front 6 textile pads back and top 1 cleaning rag for lens 1 hexagon screwdriver
€690.00 *
Spy-Glass System K Loupe Spy-Glass System K
spy-glass system K for magnifications between 3.2x to 8x
€1,215.00 *
Strap Pro F / KF Loupe Strap for Pro F / KF
Elastical strap for loupe system Pro F and KF
€15.00 *
Loupe KF Spy Glass System Head-worn Loupe KF
This system can be worn as simple as standard glasses. The system tray F is available in various sizes. It is equipped with non-corrective glasses. If the user is a wearer of glasses, his necessary corrective glasses can be included into...
€1,790.00 *
Loupe KS Head-worn Loupe KS
This loupe system is mounted on the system tray S. The optic is available with different magnifications and working distances.
€1,990.00 *
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